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Transform your voice into a clear and full sound in eight weeks! -> Gesangsübungs-CD im Webshop bestellen Price: 14,99 EUR (including 7% VAT) • 21 exercises / 22 tracks • Price: 14,99 EUR (including 7% VAT) • Shipping within Germany plus 3 , 00 EUR • Personal handover / pick-up possible on request • Payment in advance via Paypal or bank transfer Description / from the content “Singing is fun, singing is good, singing is fun and singing gives you courage” – a nursery rhyme has grown-ups for us today still meaning.

-> CD-Cover mit Tracklist als PDF runterladen oder öffnen Cover Gesangsübungs-CD Cover Singing Exercise CD [/ caption] Judy Rafat, B.A. in Music (vocals), is a licensed vocal pedagogue in the Association of German Singing Educators, member association of the European Voice Teachers Association (EVTA)

Gesangs-Pädagogisches-Zertfikat BDG

Vocal Pedagogical Certificate BDG Judy Rafat, B.A., is an internationally acclaimed jazz singer. She comes from Canada and has studied classical music with vocals and flute as a major subject and completed her Bachelor of Arts.

In addition, she completed a jazz study with a major in singing at Gerhard Mercator University. Among other things, she was also a lecturer at the University of Essen / Duisburg and the Folkwang Music Academy in Essen for many years.

She is a member of the Federal Association of German Vocal Educators (member association of the European Voice Teachers Association, EVTA).

Many people have certainly experienced how liberating and exhilarating it is to sing. Whether as a professional or as a hobby, Judy Rafat has – thanks to her many years of experience – put some important vocal fundamentals on a CD in order to train your voices in the shortest possible time. In just eight weeks you can develop a clear, powerful and beautiful voice!