Testimonials – That‘s what Judy’s students say about the vocal workshops

… still very “high” from your unique workshop in Siegen and would just like to thank you again: a great inspiration & encouragement & wonderfully warmhearted person! Kirstin

A great, inspiring workshop with a very knowledgeable, authentic and lively speaker. Definitely recommended for anyone who not only wants to sing, but also wants to discover his voice in general. A piece of growth for the entire personality. Thank you, Judy.

Peter Helle

Thanks again for your wonderful workshop in Mülheim an der Ruhr. In a short time you did not only open your eyes but especially your mouth. In words indescribable – you have to experience it yourself. Bye for now!

Christiane and Achim

I have enjoyed every minute of the workshop and will definitely be back for the second part in the spring. Apart from the music, I was particularly impressed by your positive way of thinking and your self-confidence, that’s what I’m working on … and of course on the Voice!! It greets all around the coached


What makes Judy different? Their courses do not sing, their courses are “called” at first, they are read correctly, I actually learned to “call” in this course. But believe me, just as Judy “shouts” only a few can sing.

Frank Wolthaus

The workshop was really great. Hard to believe what a big step you can do during a single weekend. Your way of teaching and tickling and developing the skills of each individual in the group is one of a kind. Until the next workshop.


Judy, you’ve infected me … with the “incurable” passion to express emotions – I’VE GOT THE BLUES. You changed my life – thank you and see you soon.


Thank you for your great commitment. You have a unique talent for teaching singing and stage performance to a wide variety of people with great fun. The fascinating thing about me is how you get each one out of his “comfort zone”.

Bernd Geropp

Hi Judy! You are gorgeous! The workshop was enriching in many ways – not just musically! It’s a gift to meet you and the others of the group. Hope to see you all in February again!


For me it was not “just” singing, but also feeling of life. Your style, your words have touched my soul. You have encouraged each individual to release their inhibitions, to sing and to show what may be slumbering.


I also liked the course very much and it was just fun to sing with other people who just enjoy it. I learned to step out of myself and to open myself 🙂 Even if it took a little longer with me. Maybe I will visit a course soon, so as not to forget everything again! Greetings and thanks for everything!

Tabea Pütz

… In this respect, your methods of promoting and developing existing potential in each and every one of your students have not only musical significance, but also therapeutic value! Inner peace of mind and outward, political peace in the world have always been your central concerns. Your students carry the one (thanks to your blessed influence) and often unconsciously transport the other into the world.

Karin Torchalski

The seminar with you, no, the singing has “packed” me so much that I was thrilled for two days, and some people have felt that too. I must have blasted pretty much.

Cornelia Groß-Thomas

Judy’s workshop in the Cubus Kunsthalle was great! And once again Judy showed herself not only as a professional voice coach, but with her incorrigible optimism as a motivational artist.

Because not everyone is endowed with such self-esteem as Judy. And when it comes to appearing and presenting to other people, and especially to reveal their weaknesses, then it needs a teacher like Judy, who took the fear out of everyone in the group and taught self-confidence.

Alexander Meyer

Dear Judy, I am glad that you liked the photos and of course you can publish photos of me and my name. I would like to come to the next workshop, but on June 13 I am sitting on a plane to Corsica – so take a quick look and smash a few notes in the flat to the sky.

I would like to take part in a workshop in autumn!

Britte Wenzel

Hello Judy, I think the seminar could have been much longer. Just freestyle was a challenge for me as I do not hear so much jazz and at best swing. The work with the micro was also unexpectedly stressful. Actually, I’m used to presenting in front of people, even in front of 100 people to speak freely – but in the small round my hands on the micro totally trembled. Head and chest voice to get explained so easy, was great and, above all, very motivating to continue. I do not want to do anything professional, but just do something for my soul.

Christiane Bunse

Dear Judy, It was a great weekend, too short, very harmonious, very instructive and enlightening. I have already noted the new date and can come in any case and I really hope that I will see Judy and all of you on this date healthy, happy and motivated again.


See you – hopefully! – in summer!


Greetings from the Rhineland,

Marion Daniela Weber

Dear Judy, dear fellow singers, it was really a great seminar with you all. I had a lot of fun and vocally brought a lot. Judy the seminar was great, I’ll be back!

Frank Reichling

Hello Judy, I wanted to give my feedback. So, I’m really glad that my aunt took me to your course.


I just sang before, without knowing what to look for.

This allowed me to learn a lot from you and apply the techniques, or at least try, did not always work out. But of course I will try in the future.

I’m very glad that I got to know you and of course the other students, I found the group very nice and I felt well with the time then. Although at the beginning an overcoming and sometimes embarrassing, but you realize that it brings what you have shown us.

I definitely want to come to the next workshop (one workshop is not enough).


Would be glad if we stay in contact.

Forentine Hölzer

Your workshop was again very eventful and beautiful. You know how to stay focused all the time and give everyone the helpful hint. With your heartfelt nature, you motivate each participant and then you also dare something and feels comfortable, so that everything happens very easily. So that’s nice to see the development of yourself and the others.

I always find it particularly beautiful when you show connections and give an overall view “about God and the world” and naturally integrate relaxation exercises and dance elements in order to tune the body to singing. Your song selection was again very appropriate this time, but is always a challenge and often a real adventure for me. It’s a bit different when you tell someone with confidence: “I feel this, it’s like that with me …”, as if you make something to his song and resonate with it and openly sing it out loud. This is so deeply touching and releases a lot, and here too you encourage one so well. To hear yourself singing so close is beautiful! Thank you for everything and everything love

Monika Hartmann

Dear Judy, So first of all, I want to thank you very much. For coming to us, infecting us with your good mood and for having that patience with us. It was a wonderful weekend and it has brought me a lot. I do not have a singing teacher yet, but I do not know if I have any time for singing lessons. In any case, I notice that my singing improves. I sing stronger than before and notice that I am slowly improving myself in terms of tone control and breathing. While it’s still unfamiliar to mouth, it’s getting better week by week. What’s clear is that I’m going to practice a lot on my karaoke machine now! You are a great teacher and the other participants were absolutely nice. Everyone had the same chances to assert themselves and everyone had a good time with each other. I think it’s great that you do not want to get away with your program, as many others would, but that you wait until everyone understands the basics. I very much hope that the advanced course will be completed! Until then, very best regards from the totally rainy victories.

Carolin Klug

Dear Judy, I am still full, sing loudly when I work in the garden, cook, brush.

Even my daughter has given up on finding me embarrassed and a bit mean to see pride in her eyes singing past her and her friends. Tonight I had rehearsal and the boys were quite impressed with my voice and mine Relaxation. I am thinking of “flowing”, of “shout”, seeing yourself standing in front of me when a tone does not want to go and then it works. But I also think with a lot of good feeling to the whole group, where the concert was the culmination of our group being. I know almost nothing about the individuals, but have the feeling to have captured each in its own .. Everyone has so much about his voice and be vocal of his own ..

I would like to thank you from the bottom of my heart. You’ve done a lot with me, I can not put it that concrete yet, but that will show. In any case, I sing with the deep conviction that I am not too old for it, that I can still develop vocally at 46 and that I am doing well. Before the class I often had the idea if I should not prefer it at my age …

… every day, I get the blues.

Christine Schwung

Hello Judy, the week has exceeded my already high expectations anyway. Several times I had real “aha experiences”. These were things that you said to me in the first Worshop, but there is a way between listening, understanding and implementing. The most impressive thing for me was your “singing is easy”. God I’ve always struggled, I’ve always believed, only with great commitment my voice is worth something. The result was sounds that were pushed out and a quickly tired, hoarse voice. You say love your voice as it is given to you. Now I understand that. Very much I felt that I can only breathe in my stomach when the abdominal wall is relaxed. I can tense well, the relaxation I have / had to learn. Well, I was able to observe my attitude while singing. Belly was tense, the posture in the upper body was gone. Now I feel how I can straighten my upper body. The relaxation of the arms is still there. Dear Judy, I am very grateful to you, and I can only tell you that in every moment, I felt motivated, supported, encouraged but also challenged. The work in the workshop I felt as very concentrated, without the fun was left out. We laughed a lot.

It was a great, very colorful group.

Susanne Lucas

“Never a dull moment”, I would like to summarize the time together in the workshop with our captivating-spirited teacher.

I have known Judy since autumn 2007 from various weekend workshops at the VHS Duisburg. The time of idling in between became longer and longer, the “withdrawal symptoms” increased.

So, how great was the joy of being more continual, i. specifically weekly working from March to May in the Cubus Kunsthallle heard. The benevolent-nice group did the rest to feel “at home” again.

As always, Judy’s music selection and challenging-teaching style inspired new action. We learned – as always – to do so. Not only did it involve advances in breathing technique and rhythm feeling, it was not only expressed in the better pronunciation of English vowels. We were all encouraged to self-confidence, but also encouraged to self-criticism. Judy works on his weaknesses, but you do not let them get you down!

We trained staying power until the final concert, spurred on by their encouragement. Probably for each of us, this concert was a revelation of both our own strengths and weaknesses, but especially the multitude of incredibly talented singers. How to grow up under Judy’s escort

is often much more visible and perceptible in others.

Judy is an ambassador of her music, but her music is also an ambassador of her own concern to contribute to political and social peace in the world, to humanity and intercultural understanding. The inner peace of the individual is quite obviously the same.

Judy and her music give the (also wounded) soul wings. It is in the best sense “therapeutic”.

My anticipation for the fall is great. Because I would like to continue.

At this point she is personally thanked with the title of a song that one of her specially trained talents sang at the final concert a capella: “You’re the light of my life”.

Karin Torchalski