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“Singing is fun, singing is good. Singing makes you lively and singing encourages ”

Many people know this experience – how liberating and exhilarating it can be to sing – be it during intensive choir rehearsals, be it spontaneously singing well-known songs together, be it in a singing workshop or all by yourself without an audience. But how is it that singing is so good for us? What does it mean to raise your own voice, to be heard and to find your own, unmistakable tone?

And why do we sometimes fall silent and suffer from a loss of (incoming, accompanying and aftermath) sounds? What is the relationship between thinking, speaking and singing? I invite you to encounter singing in a different way – dealing with your own voice is like looking for and finding your best friend, or finding your own, true, wonderful self and learning to do it love.

Yes, you read that right – it has to do with love, loving yourself as a prerequisite for your voice to flow and reach other people. And then we can other people so we love ourselves.

Of course we learn the craft of singing, forming a tone, discovering the breathing technique as the foundation of singing and coordinating all of these things.

Just come by and let yourself be overwhelmed by what it means to resonate throughout your body and to be one with your voice.

To start with, I have two free tracks from my practice CD for you. You can start right away.

Here we go!

Your Judy Rafat