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You have a great voice and

you don’t sound like anybody else

Dizzy Gillespie

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Judy is an excellent vocalist

Dr. Billy Taylor

Logo Judy Rafat

Here is a true voice coming straight from the heart

Slide Hampton

Logo Judy Rafat

a pure inspiration

a pure inspiration

Judy Rafat - Jazz Singer

Welcome to the official website of Judy Rafat.

Judy Rafat has made it her life’s mission to give others happiness and happiness with her music. Authenticity, warm-heartedness, a gifted talent and her qualities as an entertainer distinguish the likeable Canadians and make them so popular with young and old alike.

Judy Rafat - Vocal Coach

Yes you can sing! 

Judy helps you to develop your voice. She coaches you personally or via one of your online seminars. You can also order your CD with vocal exercises here on the website.


Singing is fun, whether in the group or at home.

Judy regularly gives workshops all over Germany and webinars. Their summer vocal workshops in Mallorca are popular. Check out Judy’s workshop page and register now!

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In the studio recording “It’s Christmas Time Again”

Judy was assisted in the shootings by

  • Corey Allen – Piano
  • Markus Schieferdecker – Bass
  • Marcus Rieck – Drums
  • Lothar van Staa – Saxophone

About Judy Rafat

Jazz legend Dizzy Gillespie once said to his student Judy Rafat, “… you have a great voice and you don’t sound like anybody else!” In honor of her mentor, Judy Rafat, under the direction of Mike Longo, has created “Con Alma”, a work that is undeniably unique in the jazz world. At the side of the greatest jazz stars of the present she has partially recorded hitherto unpublished pieces by Dizzy Gillespie, also with her own lyrics, in New York. A masterpiece!

Judy Rafat grew up in a musical family and settled after studying music at the University of Western Ontario with a degree in the main subjects singing and flute after an extensive European tour in Germany. As a result, Judy Rafat received a lot of attention and gratitude in all media for her social commitment as a successful folk singer.

  • Musical since earliest youth

    Judy was born in the cradle of singing. Since her childhood she sings and then studied singing at the University of Western Ontario.

  • For the love of jazz

    Judy’s love of jazz began in 1986 in New York during a memorable meeting with Dizzy Gilespie.

    Dizzy Gillespie, along with Charlie Parker, is one of the founders of Bebop, a new revolutionary direction in the history of jazz.

  • Judy Rafat - A Pure Inspiration

    Judy Rafat sang in the best hotels in the world and thrilled the demanding and intellectual audience. Of particular note are her appearances at the Ritz-Carlton Hotel in Shanghai and the jazz club “The Big Easy” in Beijing.

What the VIPs say to Judy

You have a great voice and you don’t sound like anybody else.

Judy is an excellent vocalist.

Here is a true voice coming straight from the heart!

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