private lesson - Judy Rafat

Private Lesson

For 20 years Judy Rafat has been teaching vocal jazz, pop and blues. She taught at the University of Duisburg-Essen and currently offers workshops at music schools, colleges of music, community colleges and other educational institutions. She teaches at the Folkwang Music School in Essen, works as a vocal coach in the drama department and also offers voice lessons for private students. This is an overview of the lesson content dealt with in private lessons:

breathing technique

diaphragmatic exercises

vocal technique

simultaneous coordination of mouth, tongue, jaw and diaphragm

physical exercises

rhythm exercises

editing songs from jazz, blues and pop

singing with the microphone alone in front of the group

Judy Rafat
1 hour – 85 €
Package 1 (3 hours) – 230 € until 08. May only 165 €
Package 2 (6 hours) – 425 € until 08. May only 330 €
Package 3 (10 hours) – 680 € until 08. May only 600 €
Easter Special Picture

HAPPY EASTER’S SUPER SPECIAL FOR YOU WHO LIKE TO SING – a great special offer for anyone who wants to improve his / her voice!


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