Private Lesson

Judy Rafat has been teaching singing in the fields of jazz, pop and blues for 20 years. She taught at the University of Duisburg-Essen and currently offers workshops at music schools, universities of music, adult education centers and other educational institutions. She teaches at the Folkwang Music School in Essen, works as a vocal coach in the acting department and also offers singing lessons for private students.

This is an overview of the lesson content that is covered in private lessons:

  • Breathing technique
  • Diaphragmatic exercises
  • Voice technique
  • Simultaneous coordination of mouth, tongue, jaw and diaphragm
  • Physical exercises
  • Rhythm exercises
  • Editing of songs from jazz, blues and pop
  • Sing with the microphone alone in front of the group

Studio 47 TV – Interview about lessons with Judy Rafat and Elke Schulz from Borken

Judy Rafat
3 Lessons Package – €279
6 Lessons Package – €550
10 Lessons Package – €897
6 Months Package – €1,897


  • Breathing, Voice Training, Groove, Register Change, Artikulation
  • Working on songs of your choice from Jazz, Pop and Blues
  • Online lessons will be recorded and sent to you
  • Each lesson is 45 min either live with me or online or live